Monday, February 23, 2015

Morning Routine

"Alondra, Ytzell, and Julio....good morning, get up, hurry up, we are going to be late!" These are the words I over use every single weekday morning. You see, having to get a 5th and 1st grader to school on time as well as a  Pre-Kindergartner is a daily mission for me! Specially since they are in 3 different schools! I know right, what ever happened to the Pre-K to 5th elementary campuses.

Our day starts around 6:30, well David(my husband) and I wake up at that time. Well...why lie, David gets up at 6:30, me on the other hand, I toss and turn until 6:45. 

I wake, sit up on my bed for about a minute or so to completely open my eyes. I run(I actually walk very slowly)  to the kitchen and first thing I do is bring down our extremely old built-in (into the wall) wooden ironing board. I connect the iron and set it on the board. I make an exquisite breakfast( 2 ham and egg tacos) for David, since he has to leave the house by 7:20. As he eats his delicious ,meal made with all the love in the world by his hot and handsome husband(me), I iron his uniform (which I dislike very much). So, while ironing I place my kids clothing in the dryer for about 2 minutes(so it can be warm when they put it on). My kids and I are usually always cold, even more in the mornings. This puts a smile on their faces and gets them to move quicker while getting ready.

The restroom(we only have 1) is a battlefield everyday!! Whether its my oldest doing her hair or my little one putting on hair gel, or my middle one picking up the clothes she left on the floor the night before. They all decide to use it at the same time. In between all the chaos, well I'm only human and got to go utilize the RR, so I kick everyone out(nooo..not literally). 

I get ready and start heading out, but then I see my daughters hair( a disaster), Ytzell (my middle one) is so sweet and loving, but at the same time so lazy( I have no idea where she get the laziness from). We hed back to RR and try to get it under control. 

In order to get all 3 to school on time we have to leave the house by 7:35. Since Alondra's( my oldest) school is the closest(about 7 blocks) she gets to meet up with her friends for breakfast in the cafeteria. Ytzell's and Julio's are about 2 miles in the opposite direction, but wait these 2 little ones are so demanding. I have to make sure I get the drop off schedule correct, if not they make a big fuse. They take turns on who gets dropped off first, which is not a big deal but Julio's school is first as far as logistics.

Anyways, after the little ones have been dropped of in their perspective is officially an ACCOMPLISHED MISSION! Tomorrow will be another story, another mission, another chapter, another day!

Till next time! Much Love......ME